How Fast One Can Fall but Get Back Up

I’m not in that magical place where there is so much solitude and no commitments other then with myself and my yoga. All the temptations are here in front of me. What weaknesses have I let back in? Slowly, the alcohol. NOT daily but always champagne, and usually I’m 9 times out of 10, a red girl. Champagne is a sign of celebration and a birthday came and went and another birthday and a welcome home and then another one, and champagne over and over because that’s what they were serving. And birthday cake. Sugar is worse then alcohol to my body. Soon after these ingestions I feel the body start to slump. Hmmmph. Awareness. I feel it. I’m aware. Awareness will keep me from slumping. I won’t let my body slump, and I find myself sitting up straighter. Checking in later with that posture, I observe that the right shoulder blade especially is rising upward toward the ear. 3rd glass..because I’m not driving. The Italian language starts. (swearing). I’m really slumping now. I fall asleep easily those nights. And, I don’t dream.

The next morning, a big honkin’ zit, right in my usual place. There goes my Indian skin. I’m drier then usual and can’t get enough water. I’m sucking down the water. I’m more breathless in my practice. The practice. They didn’t happen much in Omaha except for time on my new back bender, and some seated breath. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BEING, DAD!! I love my back bender. I love my Dad.

Exactly 2 weeks after landing back in my motherland, that worry line is already indented between the eyebrows. Now THAT seems quick. Just two weeks? What is it? It’s the living of life to the fullest with all the ones I love, and it feels so good. The yoga practices since Omaha have been unfolding beautifully as parts from India seep out into 3 hour practices. I’m reminded in them of how I learned to breathe clear to the collarbones and to nourish the body with the breath. Oh the joy I still feel. I just want to spread it to all. And it’s even acceptable to spread joy at this time of the year.

I am teaching in the morning and I have practiced this week, many of the ideas that I have in mind to get across to whoever shows up for the 8:30am level 3 class. But, it is always fun to see what really will happen in that time. I’m excited for the opportunity to teach but most of all I canNOT WAIT to see the Level 3’s and how their practice and Rose has carried them trough. Then at noon begins a celebration of BIG birthdays at a luncheon hosted by the BIG birthdays themselves – MW and DH! And, this luncheon is to welcome me home, too, of all things! Thank you for getting people together MW and DH.

The only Christmas decorations I have ‘up’ is what Ashley and my beloved son in law put together and that is the retro silver tree with the color wheel from my childhood which my parents gave to me, still in the original box. It is adorned with a few mostly handmade ornaments, and the kids old lego train around it. I need to find and hang the stockings with care, in hopes that JOY continues to flow through the air.

My mind is very much with BKS this week. Remembering him and his practices and presence and how excited I am for his birthday. To top it off my deceased Grandpa Cimino’s Christmas cactus is beginning to bloom. It didn’t bloom last year, so its a REALLY big deal! And now, just for Guruji, she blooms. I am forever grateful and aware of this blessing of the teachings of BKS IYENGAR and how he has changed and helped my life alone. Happy Birthday on Saturday, Guruji, Sir. Thank you for your 95 years of LIGHT you have given the world. Now, if only I can shine a fraction…..




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