Home Sweet Home

It has taken me awhile to come back to the blog. I’ve been in a fog. It was just under 32 hours door to door getting home. I jumped right back into Kansas hours and activity. Since I was wide awake at 4am the first few days, I had the 3 hour practices. But, mostly they have been 2 hours, along with pranayama. I never want to miss that. Asana can wait now, if I must choose, it will always be the practice with the breath.

It was so great seeing first thing my husband, and holding him tight. He looked so much younger, (no nagging wife?!). He was equipped with my winter parka and Uggs. Yes, I had to take off the flip flops. I loved seeing the big Kansas sky. There is no sky like it. I missed the sky and the moon, which I rarely saw in India. I took a selfishly long hot shower as soon as I got home and couldn’t wait to crawl into my savvy rest! I had some quiet time before the kids arrived late afternoon on Thanksgiving Thursday. Mya was having a crying fit for the last 30 miles to our home so I heard her arrive with quiet sobs. But, as soon as she came around the corner and saw me she gave me the biggest smile and was as happy to see me as I was her. I had to wait until Friday late afternoon to see Jackson and I could hardly stand it! He walked into the house and nonchalantly said, “Hey Nahn,” but then he gave me the biggest hold on hug and a million kisses. (And, he hates kisses!) Then he said, “I knew you were going to scream.” (I did.) At one point that evening he thanked me for coming home and asked me not to go back. But, if I did have to go back he asked if I could just go for one month. Both the grandkids had grown so much.

It was a great reunion full of playing with dolls and a marathon monopoly game and taking them to see Santa. My own children looked older. One of the greatest things about being a grandmother is watching how wonderful my children are as parents. I’m so proud of them and all that they are. I loved cooking for all of them, all of their favorite things. The oven burned up while I was gone so my husband proudly displayed his new choice for us. He did good! It has been nice to eat more then vegetables in the pressure cooker. I must say, though, I’m kind of stuck on tea. I’ve had a few coffees, but my first choice in the morning has been tea.

When I arrived to America, in Newark, I was welcomed by grumpy airport personnel. “Of course you have to take your iPad out of your bag. Do everyone a favor and save time next time and always just take it out. Don’t ask.” (Other places had not required this.) Then all around me were people complaining. Televisions were blasting with the same news as when I left – a country split about Obama-care, and Kobe Bryant’s face on ESPN. I found my peace being challenged, partly due to not being able to sleep much. The flight from Frankfurt to Newark was packed with unhappy children because the entertainment system (and oxygen) was not working in economy class. That didn’t bother me, but the grumpiness of the Americans did. I wish we always had happiness in our hearts and gratitude as the people in India had. But, I will just worry about myself and try to keep it in my own living. That’s all that matters. Can I do it in spite of others? I have noticed my absolute peace on the road which is huge for me! It’s ok if someone seems more in a hurry now. Go ahead, cut me off. I’ll get there.

I will be teaching the Level 3 class next Thursday at YCL. I can’t wait! I’m thinking it will be a pvritta (Twists) class! Afterall, I don’t want you all to keep going wrong! And, December 14th is the birthday class for BKS Iyengar. I will be celebrating 95 years of Light on Guruji. 1pm.

I’m picking up my backbender this weekend. I can hardly wait! ! But mostly I can hardly wait to see my Omaha family. I’m so blessed.



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