Black Coffee!!!

I’ve been journeying 14 hours so far, which includes the moment I left the flat. I have a layover in Germany 90 minutes. I’m enjoying my first black coffee. Aaahhhh. All is going smoothly so far. Only challenges was the very tall man sitting in the seat behind me pleading with me not to recline my seat back. When I looked into his eyes I saw so much pain I just stayed upright. His feet also came through underneath my seat. I didn’t get much sleep with my head always bobbing myself awake, and I didn’t sleep at all the night I left. (I think it was the late evening chai). Before I knew it Vikram was at my door at 2:15am. I’m beginning to feel the excitement about seeing my family.

Easy check in at Pune airport at 2:45am! Hassle free as I was the first in line and I made the weight requirements by 1 kg!

Going to go walk and do some arm asanas before the flight. There is lots of opportunity on the flight for breathing and thank you Meg for reminding me to utilize Prashants Uddiyana kriya when things felt tight. I’m not feeling my back at all. I wanted to post during my 30 minutes of free wifi while I’m enjoying COFFEE!

America here I come ready or not!


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