The Final Days

They have been a whirlwind. There has been lots of silence but just as much activity. I hit another Gulnaaz class on Sunday, and Sunday evening was another talk on the Bhagavad Gita by Geetaji. Many took notes but I just listened and tried to absorb it all. I just wanted to stare and take Geetaji all in! It was about Lord Krishna and granting Arjuna divine wisdom. Geetaji reinforced to us that we must see the divinity in ourselves before we can see it in others. There is lots of talk of yoga in this chapter and the blessing that it is. Geetaji said at one point, “Women say to me, Oh I cannot get my husband to do yoga. I tell them, then you are blessed and he is not!” I could be one of those women! Oh yes I am blessed!

I did dinners and gatherings with new friends and old. An Indian friend from before had me over for lunch at her home. When I awoke today, on my final day, I was so sad. I opened the window so I could hear louder, the chanting and music that sometimes I have cursed that begins at 5am. I was so early to my last class, anxious to see Rajesh the happiest guard at the gate one more time! He is sooooo happy. He would never make it as a security guard in America! Every day I come he asks, “Maggie Maam?” That is what he called Meg. It was just easier to say then Margaret! Every day I tell him she left and fly my arms like an airplane. He allowed me to take pictures inside the gate today. I will include one of him, too!

The final class was with Prashant. A beautiful restorative class with lots of philosophy. I didn’t want the practice that followed to ever end. I did my medical sequence in entirety, getting ready for the long plane ride home. One reason I didn’t want the practice to end was because I had to say good bye to my vegetable lady, and her family. They were all waiting for me. And, she had her niece come to translate. I had gifts for the children but just all my kitchen and other household things I didn’t want to take home, for her. She gave me the most beautiful anklets and asked me to never take them off and always to think of her. She also gave me a coffee mug because somehow she remembered I mentioned I do love and miss my coffee! I was so touched and we were both crying! Other Indians came by and said they never have seen an American cry! HA! She asked me to write her through her niece’s email and to call if I can. She kept wiping my tears with her sari, along with her own. I will miss seeing her everyday and her joyful spirit, and of course her vegetables. She made me a huge bag of my favorite channa dahl for the plane. Then she kept putting apples, oranges, pineapples, pomegranates, in my bag! I explained I could never take and eat all of that. She said I must take it on the plane. I have some packed but I did share with my next door neighbor!

I delivered my letters I had written to Guruji and Geetaji and Raya and Abhi. Prashantji takes appointments with students so I had scheduled one with him. Mainly I wanted to express my gratitude and share how I was missing so much a part of yoga, so focused on asana. I told him how balanced it was to have his classes after the asanas in the ladies classes. He said, “You mean postures. It is not asana in those classes but all about postures.” He asked about my teachers and asked me to take them his new books. Speaking with him really topped off the day and lifted any sadness that was lingering.

My new friends invited me to go to the Hare Krishna temple and dinner with them tonight and I thought it was a perfect way to end the trip. It was moving and we got caught in a huge thunderstorm! It was pouring rain for a couple of hours complete with lightening and thunder! We had to go very slow in the rickshaw home as the water was so deep in many places on the streets. And, there was no hot water in my shower tonight but I have the biggest smile on my face- it’s all part of India and one of the most incredible, wonderful experiences of my life! I need to live in the present, but I can’t wait to come back! I know the reunion at home will be so great. I wrote my daughter that I will miss my Indian family so much! My daughter writes back, “Get your skinny little butt home! Your white family misses you like no other!” Here I come! I will try to continue to blog about the practice in ‘real life.’ We shall see. Here comes the rain again!

Thanks for taking the journey with me!













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