Pune Family

It was a strange sight this morning – pouring rain! It cleanses the air and the breeze is actually quite cool and refreshing.

I met up with Margaret today, or rather, Meg as I love to call her. Oh how wonderful to have my dear friend here this time. Who else would say, “You look really tired.” You may enjoy reading about this experience through her senses. Check out her blog at yogameg.blogspot.com

And, it was a happy reunion with dear Nana the rickshaw driver, too. Same friendly wonderful Nana! He helped me set up my Indian phone and we all went to lunch but Meg and I came ‘home’ to hotel Chetak immediately following. I wanted to nap but Meg looked so refreshed that I decided to follow her advice and to make myself stay awake until at least 7pm local time to adjust to this huge time difference. So we sat in the lobby, with the dog, for over 4 hours catching up on the many months apart.

This morning while waiting for Meg, I learned more about the dog “Suzanne.” A yoga student “from Japan, raised in France and now living in Saudi Arabia” has made it her mission to adopt out the dog. She got the owner of this hotel to agree to take her. But, now she discovered that the dog has 2 pups and she has high hopes to talk Mrs. Harshada, the owner, into taking those pups too. This woman was putting the dog into a taxi to go treat it for tics and fleas. She had a large shopping bag of cat food and dog food and said that while she has been here this past month, she has been feeding all the dogs and cats. I asked her how her month was and she said it was very difficult for her, but not due to yoga classes, but to having her heart ripped out by all the strays and poverty. I was relieved it wasn’t the yoga classes! I lost my beloved dog of almost 14 years this summer, so I’m thinking…… well…. how great would it be to bring a new one home! I could name it India or even NAMA, a name my husband said would be fun for another dog, so we can say NAMA, STAY!




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