PUNE at last!

Oh this past week has been nuts and I have been so crazy and sad about leaving the love of my good man, and anxious about classes at the institute. I got even more anxious as they told me in Chicago, 15 minutes before boarding, that my carry on bag must be checked. The man randomly walked around the passengers awaiting to board and I was one of the chosen ones. Let me tell you, not everyone had to check their carry ons that looked just like mine! I know better then to argue with airport personnel, though. Thank goodness for enviro saxs, and I frantically put my meds and electronics in one as I released my carry on. Only did I realize I forgot to grab Rose’s granola! UGH! I was also randomly chosen to have my keens checked for explosives. But the bag made it and so did I. And, all that anxiousness lifted as I walked outside of the airport with my 100 pounds of baggage, and I felt the sticky night air. The dogs came running and I wasn’t prepared for them already. In the middle of the night, the city of 4 million people was quiet, but there was all that trash everywhere. Riding in the back of the taxi, driven by the same Vikram as before, I had the biggest smile on my face. Finally I felt the excitement!

I slept 14 hours straight, awakening to the burning smell of trash and the exhaust of the traffic. I did some yoga, then ventured out for bananas and water. I had roasted papad and ginger tea at the quaint hotel and immediately befriended a dog. Even the papad was SO SPICY!

I heard from Margaret who is staying at a big new Doubletree across town and we will be able to get into our flat Monday AFTER REGISTERING FOR CLASSES AT THE INSTITUTE! (All caps because I am sooooooo excited!)



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