Preparing to say Good-bye

I am very excited that the time is near to return to study with the Iyengar family. The hours and days are ticking by until departure and I’m soaking up my loved ones. I look at my calendar and count 26 birthdays that I will miss including my husbands, son-in-law’s, granddaughter’s (first!), Mom’s 75th, Grandma’s 95th (which is the same day as my grandson’s mother) and a friend’s 60th, and nieces, and sister in laws, and more friends, oh my! Each day I think of things to get done but I know things will be left undone and they will most likely be there to do upon return, “God willing” as they say so much in India

There is a bit of anxiety leaving the comfort and familiarity of my home in the middle of America. When my mind travels to “what I know” about Pune, I hear the people and the cars and the pigs. I sit on my dock out on my home pond, and soak up the silence, and take big gulps of fresh air, which I hope is like asana in the body and I can draw upon it when needed. I look forward to the seeing the friendly faces at the institute. I must remember not to smile so much, and remember that the head wobble means yes, not no. I will be arriving in the middle of the night again.

One major difference this time is having Margaret, my dear friend and main yoga mentor, joining me. We will meet in Pune and she will stay with me for most of the time. How sweet is that? We have always been roomies at yoga workshops and she is the greatest roomie ever! This is her third trip there, my second. But she will be surprised at the growth and the “little America” mall, and how close our flat is to the institute! I am staying in the same wonderful spacious place. The Guide to Pune says the flat “has seen better days,” but I look forward to making it my home for a couple of months.

Although I am not a “first timer” to the institute, I am not an old timer by any means, but a blessed once again timer! My grandchildren own my heart and those are the hardest good byes.


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